Emily blake: editor-in-chief

Emily is the founder and editor-in-chief of Wednesday Zine. She is a writer, visual artist, and activist. Besides Wednesday Zine, she is a journalist for PureNowhere.com (formerly SeaFoaming.com) Her roots in community organizing come from experience with the Phoenix Art Museum, Planned Parenthood of Arizona, and AZ West Valley Arts Council. She is attending Barnard College in New York City to study political science and human rights.


furqan mohamed: writer

Young, care-free Black Muslim girl from Toronto, lover of political satire, and good with words and spicy foods. Furqan Mohamed is a writer who’s works comprise of opinion pieces, analysis, and commentary on today’s political and social issues. A firm believer in free speech, thought, and expression, Furqan balances that with the omniscient fact that words have power. In a world that attempts to silence women of colour, and other folks who don’t fit the status quo, she knows just how powerful words can be, and isn't afraid to use them to her advantage. Besides Wednesday Zine, she is also a journalist for PureNowhere.com (formerly SeaFoaming.com) 


bronson soza: contributor

Bronson is 17 and based in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2017 he served as a Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassador to Chengdu, China. His passions include the arts and culture, and he currently wishes to study Global Communications. He is also involved with Phoenix Art Museum as a member of their Teen Art Council.