Sad Clothing Company is run by two teenagers, Chloe Subia and Jordan Luna. Their sleek designs and highly curated online presence transcends their young age. We sat down with co-founder Chloe to talk about the inspiration and motivation behind their concept and designs.

Chloe told us, “the biggest thing for our brand is normalizing that being sad is okay because the stigma that surrounds sadness is real!” Turning the melancholy into something colorful and crafting an aesthetic based on it can be seen in their take on athleisure. In a text conversation with Chloe, she added to what she sees as the value of the brand: “also just having the comfort of a hoodie TO WEAR WHEN YOU’RE SAD :-)”

These designs take something small and make it exciting yet comfortable. Sleek, basic designs lead to nuances in the colors and details such as cuts and embroidery. They’re releasing a summer collection in a couple weeks full of neon hoodies, crewnecks, and socks— branching out from primary colors but staying within their cohesive aesthetic.

Keep up with them on Instagram: @towearwhenyouresad

Emily Blake