Traveling is probably my favorite thing to do. I want to go everywhere, and will never pass up an opportunity for any excursion. There are dream locations, and then there are places that no matter how many times you have been there, they will always hold a place in your heart. For me, that place is Los Angeles. I live a few hour car drive away, and my whole mom’s side of the family lives there. In conclusion, L.A. has been a staple in my life since I was… born really. As my interests change, I want to go the Santa Monica Pier less, and The Broad more. I’m trying to experience a new aspect of L.A. every time I go, so now I’ll share with you everything I did this time.


LACMA, A.K.A the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The museum houses intriguing exhibitions of all categories and time-periods that recycle on a few-month basis. Some of my favorite LACMA exhibits have been a contemporary spotlight on female muslim expression, historic Japanese canvas painting, and a wall-to-wall Henri Matisse piece he created for a Los Angeles home.



Westwood Village is an area near U.C.L.A with cute places to eat, shopping, yoga studios, and overall pretty scenery, such as this courtyard I found while I was walking to dinner. It’s right near a lot of Los Angeles staples, yet is quaint enough to feel like almost a small town.



The 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica is sort of a tourist dreamland, which might scare some people off. Sure there is amazing shopping, but locals continue to hang out here for multiple reasons… and food is definitely one of them. This picture is from a small French cafe in the center of the promenade with authentic French food. The weather in L.A. amazing, especially in Santa Monica considering the proximity to the ocean, and the fact that this little place has only outdoor seating, it’s totally ideal.



Lucky for you, me, and every on else on the face of this planet, this eatery has multiple locations in Los Angeles. It’s Urth Caffe, and it will answer all of your dreams. People in L.A. love their health food, and sometimes it gets a tad excessive, but this place makes all of it awesome. I’m not sure if another place makes blended Matcha lattes with boba, so that alone is a reason to visit this place… but they also have unbelievable pastries and options for every other meal.



This dessert place is a thousand times more touristy and probably not shocking, but it is definitely not overrated. The only thing I should have to do to sell you on Sprinkles Ice Cream is that they can put a cupcake on top of your creatively flavored ice cream. Enough said, right?



So far I’ve definitely covered food, but there is another life-giving essential: shelter! This trip, I stayed in the Hotel Palomar on Wilshire. I chose it because it was in a great location, but I’m including it in my article because day one of my L.A. weekend, I hung out at this stellar lounge chair in this cool pool-side patio.



Moments like watching the sun set in Santa Monica makes you forget that the smog you just drove through on the 405 even exists. Since I believe that food is the best method to experience a location or culture, don’t thing I wont mention it in this paragraph! This view is accessible from any one of my favorite Ocean ave. eateries, such as the Water Grill and the Ivy on the Shore.



Let’s say you hypothetically ate a bunch of bulgogi and then went to Pinkberry and then you were thinking “self, maybe chill out.” Kreation juice will make you feel like any other L.A. native trying to instill vegan and non-processed habits into their chic lifestyles. Sometimes, drinking charcoal water or straight green juice is cringe-inducing, but Kreation and its numerous locations have produced something great: this “chi chia pudding” and its pistachio snacks with Himalayan salt and red onion. Don’t think I wouldn’t include any larger concept related to sustainable or environmentally friendly practices; Kreation packages all of their products in glass rather than plastic, and persuade their costumers to reuse by providing the incentive of paying you if you return your containers.

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Emily Blake