Em Lucia is a 19 year-old singer-songwriter from Phoenix. She recently released her EP Visions, and you can listen to it here. She sat down with our editor-in-chief Emily to discuss her path to music and how she hopes to lift up girls everywhere. You can find her on instagram and twitter at @em__lucia (that’s two underscores, people!)


What artists inspire you?

Definitely Lana Del Rey. She inspires me because she has successfully established an entirely unique and enchanting brand of her own in terms of musical style, lyricism, etc. She always appears to be very naturally herself and super candid in her performances and songs. Not only has she procured major successes in music, but she also attended Fordham University and graduated with a major in philosophy and an emphasis on metaphysics, which is so impressive!

Also, Grace VanderWaal is an inspiration because she is young, yet her lyrics are so wise and mature that they resonate with individuals of all ages. She hasn’t sacrificed any part of who she is creatively and as an individual, and her positivity is always evident.

How did you decide to plunge into making this EP?

I have been writing songs for several years now, just for myself therapeutically, but it eventually got to a point where I was feeling confident enough in the quality of my work to share it with others! This past year was highly transformative for me in terms of figuring out my place in the world and what I want to get out of life, and that’s what inspired this EP. The four songs on the EP embody my real moments of hope, doubt, loneliness, and peace that I experienced over the past several months and throughout the songwriting and production process. To me, this EP represents the understanding that there are many different emotions and experiences an individual has to undergo on their path to their destiny or goal, and the underlying sentiment is to never give up.

What is your creative process?

When it comes to writing a song, I seek inspiration from a variety of places. If I have a particularly strong emotion that I am feeling (good or bad) that I can’t seem to shake, I know I need to sit down and write it out because I must be feeling that way for a reason. I might witness something throughout my day that makes me want to write a more detailed story around it. My first step for writing a song is usually to establish a strong hook that’s catchy for the title and chorus, and I grow the song from that central theme or idea. I often will write the chorus for the song first because it gives me a feel for what I want the vibe of the song to be. As I think of lyrics for songs, I jot them down in my Notes app on my phone, and as I think of melodies I want to use, I record them in the Voice Memos app so that I don’t forget what I want to incorporate. Playing piano and different ukuleles has been really helpful in putting music to my lyrics and bringing them to life so that it’s a simple transition from lyrical ideas to an actual song. Once I have a rough draft of a song, I record it, and I will sometimes even send it to some of my close family and friends for feedback.

How do you think your music is helping empower girls like you?

Through my music, I really just want to advertise strength, vulnerability, and honesty; I think it’s important for young girls to know that whatever they are going through is valid and conquerable and that their story will someday serve as motivation for others to persevere. I strive to be genuine and kind towards everyone I encounter because I think the world needs more people who truly care and look out for one another; I think girls need to stick together and build each other up! I want all women and girls to know that they can do absolutely anything they set their mind to.  I want girls to feel empowered enough to pursue whatever is in their heart, even if it seems impossible or daunting or lonely because the victory will always be worth the struggle. I think self confidence and self affirmation is key for young women.  While adversity is unavoidable in the world, if a girl has a firm understanding of her own personal strength and self worth and intelligence, no one can take that away from her.

Emily Blake